Discover engineering success from sport to space in the Eureka Conference

20 September 2016

A central and much anticipated feature of the Engineering Design Show 2016 is the Eureka conference programme. Here we reveal what is on this year’s agenda.

So many of Team GB’s returning Olympic heroes paid tribute to the support structure put in place by UK Sport - a structure that has taken a broad view of what it takes to give our athletes the winning edge on the biggest sporting stage.

Part of this has been a scientific and engineering approach, sometimes to improve equipment but more often to improve training and performance. UK Sport’s partner for this was BAE Systems, and a presentation about this partnership and how British engineering contributed to Team GB’s record breaking medal haul, will be one of the highlights of the conference programme.

This is one example of why the Engineering Design Show’s conference regularly attracts engineers that otherwise might have stayed back at base. This conference does aim to tackle the some of the most pressing technical issues in engineering – 3D printing, advanced materials, virtual reality and other leading edge design tools, the growth of the Internet of Things, and more. But beyond addressing these leading edge issues, it also takes a look at the leading edge projects. For example….

JCB has taken an innovative approach to innovation and its new strategy has yielded products that are disrupting the construction and agricultural markets they are aimed at.

Elemental has developed an astonishing new sports car that can reach 60mph in 3.2 seconds, using only a 1 litre engine. If you think this must be made out of thin air, think again. It is safe, is road legal and even has a luggage compartment big enough for the weekly shop.

And Oxford Space Systems, winner of the coveted British Engineering Excellence award in 2015, will convey some of the excitement around the UK’s space industry at the moment by talking about designing for such a rarefied environment.

Coupled with the in-depth technical presentations in the workshop theatre, there are plenty of reason to visit the Eureka Conference this year. Make sure to book your sessions online today!

See the full conference programme online here