Discover how polyamide compounds can help you in design with K.D. Feddersen at EDS

12 October 2016

Learn how the compounding technology behind some engineering thermoplastics is giving designers greater opportunities due to enhanced materials performance with K.D. Feddersen at next week’s Engineering Design Show (EDS).

Günter Prautzsch, Mechanical Engineer and tool-maker at K.D. Feddersen, will be leading a workshop to discuss some of the basic principles of Polyamides and how compounding can add benefits.

Günter will also demonstrate current application examples in automotive and prospects for the future with polyamide compounds.

This workshop, titled ‘High performance at low cost – new materials for optical demanding functional parts’, will take place from 12:15-12:55 in Workshop Theatre 1 on Wednesday 19th October.

You can register for your free place at the workshop by clicking here.