Electro Mechanical Systems to reveal new ground breaking products on stand D35

23 August 2016

Electro Mechanical Systems will show for the first time three brand new ground breaking products at this year’s Engineering Design Show.

The new 2668 … CR DC motor from FAULHABER offers considerably more power than comparable drives, and is the most powerful copper-graphite commutated DC-Micromotor in its size class on the market. Thanks to a larger NdFeB magnet and a high copper content in the winding, it delivers a continuous rated torque of 70 mNm.

In addition, FAULHABER is expanding its range of motors in the medium power range with the new 1727…CXR DC-Micromotor. This extremely compact motor with powerful neodymium magnet and graphite‐commutation results in a very high power density from just 17mm diameter with a continuous torque of 4.9 mNm.

Finally FAULHABER is introducing to the market the most powerful power gear transmission technology in its size class with the new 20/1R planetary gearhead. In a diameter of just 20 mm the stainless steel construction achieves a continuous torque of 800 mNm, and up to 1.1Nm for intermittent applications and is compatible with a range of Faulhaber motors all presented by EMS, FAULHABER’S exclusive UK distributor at this year’s show.

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