Meet with technical experts from Digi-Key Electronics on stand J18

21 September 2016

Digi-Key Electronics is bringing technical personnel from the USA and Germany to provide on-demand demonstrations of the best-in-class use of its website and will demonstrate its offering of both free and subscription EDA tools.

Those interested in Motion Control technology, especially those trying to implement coordinated motion control between several axes over an Intranet or the Internet, will appreciate disclosure of an original technique that significantly reduces communication bandwidth requirements; thereby making coordination possible in spite of the non-deterministic nature of TCP/IP-based communications.

This technique also eliminates infinite jerk, is superior to s-curves and spines, and can be implemented in many non-proprietary devices; that is, this technique is readily suitable to either available off-the-shelf microcontrollers, programmable logic, or both.

Visit the Digi-Key Electronics stand (J18) at the Electronics Design Show.