Pulsonix to showcase the release of its flagship PCB Design Software

23 August 2017

Pulsonix will be showcasing the release of its flagship PCB Design Software at the Electronics Design Show. This release focuses on Revision Management of design data with the Pulsonix Vault, and further development in the High-Speed electronics design process with key constraint rules and interactive features being added.

The release of the Pulsonix Vault introduces Revision and Version Control methodology to the Pulsonix product range, allowing users to have true data management with where used analysis and audit history over their designs, libraries and associated documentation in a company controlled manner.

With the release of Pulsonix 9, engineers benefit from the dramatic expansion of the Constraint Manager within Pulsonix which incorporates a higher-level set of complex rules and interactive routing capability for today’s High-Speed Designs.

Visit booth H75 to see how Pulsonix will speed up your design process today.