Weidmüller showcases new range of products and services on stand G90

30 August 2016

Weidmüller will be displaying a large range of products and services on stand G90 at this year’s Engineering Design Show to be held on 19-20 October at the Jaguar Exhibition Halls, Ricoh Arena, Coventry. Solutions on show will include:
  • The NEW Klippon® Connect terminal blocks
  • Klippon® Connect gives you simple handling, more space in the panel and time savings during planning, installation and operation with both application and universal ranges. Process supporting services, such as easy to use engineering software or individual assembly capability, complete the offer.

  • FreeCon® Contactless Power Transmission System
  • FreeCon® Contactless allows power to be transmitted via an air gap of up to 5mm by means of an inductive resonance coupling. It’s a solution that’s completely wear-free and especially efficient for robot-led production lines and more.

  • Passive Industrial Ethernet Cables and Connectors
  • Industrial Ethernet connection technology by Weidmüller offers the optimal solution for the infrastructure of your machine, system or factory. All connection technology is available from one source. Benefits include IEC-standardised connectors, Cat. 6 throughout with STEADYTEC® technology, Copper and fibre-optic pre-assembled cables and cables sold by the metre with IP20 and IP67 variants available.

  • Sensor Actuator Interface Connectors and cables
  • With M5, M8, M12, M23 and 7/8 connector options supplied with or without cables in any length required, Weidmuller offer the comprehensive range of SAI connectors and cables. The new M12 SAI MVV space saving, plug and play, 400V 10A motor supply distributor will be on show.

  • FrontCom® Vario
  • FrontCom® Vario delivers a compact service interface for switch and control cabinets. The device also enables simple and quick access to the control system / PC and electronics for maintenance needs. Product advantages include more security and safety, future-proof data transmission, high flexibility and a new USB 3.0 coupling option.

  • RockStar® Heavy Duty Connectors
  • Innovative connection solutions with IP65, IP68 and EMC protection.

    We are also showing NEW ranges to our PCB Connectors and Terminals portfolio including:

  • M8 & M12 Circular PCB connectors
  • With the introduction of 200+ M8 & M12 circular panel / PCB mounting Sensor Actuator Interface connectors Weidmuller offers engineers more flexibility for their designs.

  • RJ45 PCB Connectors
  • With Cat.5 and Cat.6 quality, guarantee reliable transmission of high speed data, variants for the SMD or THR soldering.

  • OMNIMATE® Power PCB terminal
  • The 10mm pitch LUF range offers safe and efficient connection of power electronics devices. The smart “Connection Safety Concept” connection system features high intrinsic safety for conductors up to 16mm2 – with or without wire-end ferrules.

  • OMNIMATE® Signal 2.5mm PCB Connectors
  • Compact PUSH IN signal plug-in connectors and mating PCB headers offer higher components density, simplified processing and intuitive handling.

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