Enabling Internet-Based Motion Control


Randall Restle, Vice President, Application Engineering, Digi-Key Electronics

This workshop will explain how to overcome the difficulties controlling multi-axis servo motor controllers using off-the-shelf Internet hardware or over the Internet itself. The key is to reduce motion controller communication bandwidth requirements. In the meantime, solving this problem has a very desirable side-effect consisting of wholly improving the smoothness and speed capability of the underlying machine being controlled. This approach departs from popular trajectories such as trapezoidal velocity profiles, s-curves, and spline curves and is not tied to any one particular device nor supplier; but some devices are more suited to the solution than others.

During this session delegates will learn:

1. How to reduce communication requirements to distributed motion controllers via Internet technologies
2. How Mechanical Engineers design high performance mechanical cams (motion trajectories)
3. Numerical techniques to efficiently evaluate and solve high-order polynomials
4. System partitioning of motion controllers between hardware and software sections

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