Electro Rent presents: Correlating between Time and Frequency Domains with Tektronix Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes


Lee Morgan, Account Manager, Tektronix UK Limited

We will focus on the application of the Design and Verification of a Wireless Embedded radio using The Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

Built on the premise of Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes, the MDO has 4 busses, which can be defined from the 16 digital channels and 4 analog channels. This instrument adds a type ā€œNā€ connector on the right hand side of the instruments and dedicated spectral analysis controls for a fully functioning spectrum analyzer to create a new class of instrument. The Mixed Domain Oscilloscope, by integrating the spectrum analyzer this enables time-correlated viewing of all measurement channels thus providing complete System Visualization.


1. Benefits of Multi Domain Measurement systems
2. How integrated Test Equipment can shorten Time to Market
3. Debug RF, Digital and Analog signals simultaneously

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